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I’ve always been a keen writer, especially when it comes to The Arsenal. That Sums It All Up is now my platform for rambling to the world, but what did I do before it? I’ve trawled through the archives and here is a list of my earlier work…

As you will notice my main platform prior to the creation of That Sums It All Up was the Online Gooner. The Gooner fanzine, under both it’s online guise and more traditional method, is a great opportunity for any Arsenal fan to get their views down ‘on paper’ and share them with the world. I’d like to thank everyone at The Gooner fanzine for giving me the opportunity, it certainly provided an excellent starting point. I still contribute to The Gooner fanzine (the printed copies available from outside the ground, which you can also subscribe to and also download on your iPad) so keep an eye out! Furthermore, The Gooner fanzine is an open forum, all writers and viewpoints are welcome, so if you’re a budding writer I’d encourage you to get involved.

The one article within the archive list above which is not from the Online Gooner is ‘French Forefathers’. I wrote that piece for another site that I’d highly recommend, The Arsenal Collective. It’s a truly brilliant site, with fans from across the world sharing their thoughts, views, and stories on what it means to be a Gooner. Go check it out, and once again it’s an open forum so why not pick up a pen / tap away on your keyboard and get involved?

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