Victoria Concordia Crescit

A week is a long time in football, so two weeks feels like an eternity.  The last opportunity I had to speak with you was after the North London derby.  Remember that one?  You know, where we beat the scum 5-2 for the second time this calendar year…yeah, that one.  Ah, those were the days.  Now we’re just shit, or so people would have you believe.

The post North London derby glow carried nicely into the game that followed.  Whilst we were never scintillating, two excellent goals from Jack Wilshere and Lukas Podolski saw us beat Montpellier 2-0.

Progression to the knock out stages of the Champions League for the thirteenth consecutive season has been secured, a record only bettered by sixteen in a row Real Madrid.  But yes, in case you’re wondering, we’re still shit.

Next up was a trip to Villa Park.  In terms of form Villa are right down there in the thick of a relegation battle.  Like Norwich this should have been a win, but like Norwich things never went according to plan.  The difference between the two games ended up being that one had Mannone (so resulted in defeat) and the other had Szczesny (so we came away with a point), after a rather dull and drab 0-0 draw.

So 0-0 at Villa, therefore still shit and what’s more being managed by a three-time title-winning, four-time FA Cup winning, one-time European Cup finalist, training ground and stadium building legend of a manager who clearly has no fucking idea what he’s doing.

And with that in mind we went on our way to Goodison Park, a venue where you’ll never have an easy game and where you’d happily settle for a point before kick-off.  And that’s exactly what we got; a fine finish from Theo “Shop Window” Walcott inside the first minute helped us on our way to a 1-1 draw, with the superb Marouane Fellaini scoring Everton’s equaliser.

Marouane Fellaini is really rather good and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in an Arsenal shirt.  Maybe we could convince David Moyes into a Marouane swap…we take Marouane Fellaini and in return give them Marouane Chamakh.  Sounds fair to me.  That said, what doesn’t help is when Ramsey gives the ball away cheaply, Sagna says “anything you can do Rambo, I can do better” and gives it straight to the curly-haired Belgian, who is then allowed a free strike at goal as our captain stands their admiring his compatriots luscious locks.  So, another draw away from home…now we’re really fucking shit.  I may just have to go on a march.

By now I’m sure you’ll have noticed the sarcasm and frustration in my tone and here’s why:

Victoria Concordia Crescit.

The Arsenal has always been a family of strength and unity.  Nobody likes The Arsenal, except for The Arsenal.  Over many years it’s developed into a siege mentality; The Arsenal against The World.  In my first season attending games at Highbury we won the league, despite a two point deduction from the FA following “The Brawl of Old Trafford: Part I”.  We let it be known that they [the FA] could “stick their fucking two points up their arse”.  In 2004, after “The Brawl of Old Trafford: Part II”, we were again public enemy number one.  Numerous fines and suspensions were handed out, but did we care?  Did we bollocks.  Instead we went on to win the league, unbeaten, clinching the title in our enemy’s backyard.

The point I’m trying to make is this.  Arsenal Football Club is far from perfect.  Yes we can do things better, yes certain events and performances leave us frustrated.  But this has always been the case, so I’m growing very tired of the inward fighting that now accompanies it.  We receive enough hatred and bullshit from opposition teams, opposition fans, the FA, the media, and every other Tom, Dick, and Harry who seems to hate The Arsenal for no other reason than “coz its Arsenal”, without needing to add to it ourselves.

Our Premier League fixtures for December are Swansea (H), West Brom (H), Reading (A), Wigan (A), West Ham (H), and Newcastle (H).  All of those games are winnable.  Not just on paper, but on grass too.  What the team needs now, more than ever, is a set of loyal fans that can put aside their differences in opinions and really get behind the team.  No more singing of our greatest ever manager not knowing what he’s doing, no more disgraceful songs about our former Dutch striker.  Just good old-fashioned “we love you Arsenal, we do” and “come on Arsenal!!”.  Our six league fixtures of December are all winnable, and as such both the results and performances across these six games will tell us a lot about this current group of players going into the New Year.

Whatever happens though they’re our players.  We are The Arsenal, so let’s get behind them.  Let’s remember who we are, what we are, and what we represent (this applies to us supporters as much as it does the players).  And most importantly of all let’s remember that it’s the rest of the world who are the despicable cunts.  We, we are The Arsenal.

Victoria.  Concordia.  Crescit.


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